Understanding the Referral Process

Washington State allows individuals to refer themselves to physical therapy, however many health insurance plans will only cover physical therapy services when the process includes a referral or prescription for physical therapy from an approved health care practitioner. These practitioners include medical doctors, chiropractors, physicians assistants, nurse practitioners, naturopathic physicians and podiatrists. We accept most major insurance companies. If you have health insurance, you may contact your provider to determine the requirements of your plan and whether or not you need a prescription to have the services covered.

If your insurance requires a prescription, contact us once you have obtained one from your health care practitioner by calling us at 206-322-2842.

If you do not need a prescription, or do not have insurance and would like to self-refer in a self-payment situation, please call us at 206-322-2842. Please ask about our self-payment arrangements.

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Setting Up Your First Appointment

Call us at 206-322-2842. When you call, please have your insurance card and your prescription/referral handy so we can collect this information. We will work with you to set up a convenient time for your initial evaluation and subsequent visits.

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You can download the registration forms, fill them out and bring them with you, or you can arrive 10-15 minutes early for your first visit to fill them out here. If you do not have your paperwork filled out and do not come early, the time it takes you to fill the paper work out will cut into your appointment time. We will also need your prescription/referral and protocol give to you by the doctor, your driver's license, and your insurance card when you arrive.

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What to Expect on Your First Visit

The evaluation will last approximately one hour and comfortable clothing is the best option, including shorts and a sports bra if this is appropriate. Also please bring in your walking, running or athletic footwear as we may want to evaluate your walking and /or running. The evaluation will focus on your medical history and your current issues. We will examine your flexibility, strength and ability to complete your functional activities. Depending on the prescription and your situation we will develop a treatment plan with you and decide on the appropriate frequency and duration for your future visits. Most commonly we will see you 1-2 times per week, or as your health care practitioner recommends, for one hour sessions. For more information see the What is Physical Therapy section.

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