Mark Trombold, MSPT, MAT

Mark Trombold earned his Master's degree in Physical Therapy from Kansas University in 1990. He started working in Kirkland at Seattle Pro Sports Therapy after doing his final affiliation with the Seattle Seahawks in the summer of 1989. In 1997, Mark opened his own clinic in Seattle called ProFormance Rehab with his wife, Anne-Marie.

Mark has a background in orthopedic rehab with a emphasis in manual therapy, Muscle Activation Technique, biomechanics/orthotics and functional exercise. During his more than 20 years in practice, his patient population has varied from professional athletes to geriatric individuals. He maintains an expertise in care of the spine as well as extremity joints. Mark is currently certified as an MAT specialist and MATRX for foot and hand.


MS in Physical Therapy, Kansas University Medical Center


Skiing, mountain biking, rock climbing, tennis, playing guitar

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