Physical Therapy (PT) is a rehabilitation process aimed at optimizing a person's physical function. Physical therapists commonly treat individuals with musculoskeletal and neurological dysfunction.

At ProFormance Rehab the physical therapist will begin by taking your history, conduct a systems review, and perform tests and measures to identify potential and existing problems. The therapist will observe your movement in space as you perform certain activities including walking, jogging, and stretching to identify impairments and the biomechanical causes for your dysfunction. Joint and muscle dysfunction can lead to compensatory movements and more dysfunction including pain. Identifying muscle and joint imbalances enables the practitioner to treat the cause of your pain by restoring normal muscle length and strength throughout the injured spine or extremity.

Our treatment focus here at ProFormance Rehab is on manual therapy and functional exercise. Initially, pain and swelling can be managed with "relative rest" and treatment modalities (ice, heat, ultrasound, electricity, etc.) along with gentle therapeutic exercises. Hands-on manual therapy (joint and soft-tissue mobilization) can be used as an adjunct to exercise for increasing both joint and soft tissue mobility.

Ultimately, functional and sport/activity-specific training are completed to enable you to return to your desired level of activity. You will be educated in exercises that are tailored to your individual goals. We will always instruct you in a home exercise program so you can manage your situation as independently as possible.

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