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Our Specialties

At ProFormance Rehab, we specialize in YOU!  This means customized treatments to meet your individual needs and goals.  Unlike most other practices, we provide hour-long, one-on-one appointments with a licensed practitioner.  From the moment you walk in you’re treated like family.

Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Movement Systems Analysis

Sports Rehabilitation

Post-operative Rehabilitation

Video Analysis

Manual Therapy

Custom Orthotics

Custom Bike Fitting

Blood Flow Restriction Therapy

Vestibular Therapy

Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation

Helping you move freely & live well.

Prioritize Your Well Being

When driving, would you ever ignore your car’s tire pressure, temperature, or brake lights?  Worse still, the check engine light?  Of course not!  We help you recognize and address the lights on your body’s dashboard, helping you to heal but also helping to maximize your performance and enjoy a pain-free life without limitations.

I was panicking and losing hope by the time I got to Rob. I had seen 3 different doctors, done 8 months of PT at a different clinic, had 2 steroid injections and was about to get a nerve block in my lower back. Finally Rob was recommended to me and within 4 months I had made more progress than I had in 2 years, and my lower back pain was significantly reduced. Rob explained the problem and how we were going to fix it in a way I could understand. He was very honest and realistic with my expectations and how far I could safely push myself each appointment. It is very apparent Rob has a wealth of knowledge and expertise. I completely trust him. I can’t imagine still living with that pain if I hadn’t found him.


From Our Clients

We’re good at getting you back into what you love doing.

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“Being active, fit (and aging!) means inevitably you will have injuries:) Margo at Performance rehab has helped me and many of my personal training clients get back to fitness. She's extremely knowledgeable, and always makes one feel that there are solutions to getting better. I highly recommend her!”

- Chris

“They really know what they are doing! Their physical therapy techniques are first class! I highly recommend them!”


“Seriously the best physical therapists in Seattle and possibly all of the West Coast. All the therapists are well-trained and spend the entire hour appointment with you. They do not spend 10-15 minutes with you and then slough you off onto an assistant. Your therapist is fully vested in your recovery. I cannot recommend Mark, Anne-Marie, or any other therapist I have worked with enough.”


A personalized approach to your well-being.

Why See A Physical Therapist?

Physical therapists are licensed health care providers who are the foremost experts in the body’s movement systems.  Physical Therapists can help you avoid surgery and prescription drugs, maximize your mobility, manage pain and chronic conditions, and improve your overall physical function, fitness, and quality of life!

Meet Our Team

With a combined experience of over 100 years of clinical practice, our Physical Therapists are expertly trained, hold advanced Doctorate-level degrees, hold board certifications in Orthopedics, and hold certifications in advanced manual therapy techniques.  At ProFormance Rehab, every patient is treated like family!

Patient Resources

We’ll need you to fill out a few registration and medical history forms.  You can fill out these forms and download them for your first appointment. Or email them to in advance to save time. 


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