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At Proformance Rehab we specialize in all of your post-operative needs.  If you recently had surgery, or feel like you are not making progress in your current program, we can help.

From spinal fusions and disc replacements to rotator cuff repairs, total joint replacements, ACL reconstructions, and meniscus repairs to name a few,  our expert clinicians communicate and work closely with your surgeon to make sure you are on the best path to recovery.

We utilize the most current and evidence-based practice to make sure your rehab is as progressive as it can be.  With an emphasis on patient education, we’ll also help you to be your own best “PT” outside of the clinic.  We take the opportunity to not only help you recover, but aim to be better than you were before.

“I had surgery on my big toe as a result of a trauma many years ago. The surgery did not give me the pain relief I had hoped for, and sparked new pain in addition. I tried acupuncture, foot massage, and other PTs, and I was resigned to living the rest of my life in chronic pain that kept me from almost every form of exercise. (What exercise doesn't require your feet?) After my first visit to ProFormance, I had some pain relief, and it has been dramatic since. After six weeks, I am walking long distances without pain, wearing low heels again, and confident I'll be able to do some form of dance/exercise again. I just got back from a two-hour walk, and no pain at all! ProFormance is an upbeat, friendly environment where everyone truly cares about your success. I would give them a "10," and recommend them to anyone! They book up fast — call for an appointment now.”


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